Bored & Evil comic for April 13, 2009

"Happy Easter!"

Yeah, I know it was yesterday, but the comic doesn't update on Sundays! Anyway, what a weekend. Family from New Hampshire was in town so I spent a lot of time with them. Plus being Easter I made a lot of appearances as the Easter Bunny. Coincidentally I had to do one over where Peekaboo works! It was cool, just sit there and the kids would come up, sit down next to me and have their picture taken. The whole time I'm sitting there with my video iPod inside the head and I'm watching a movie (specifically last year's Doctor Who sontaran two-parter...).

On another note, it seems like Twitter is all the rage right now. Steve got me into it a few weeks ago but I have just recently really got into tweeting. So if you'd like to follow the misadventures of a part-time magician/ merchandise receiver/ pizza guy then go ahead and click here. Have fun!