Bored & Evil comic for April 17, 2009

"Based on a true story... sort of."

Ok, I know the comic isn't up yet (the server's on the other side of the country...) but I'm gonna post about it now. If you don't want to know what happens then stop reading! You see, a couple of years ago a girl I was dating was coming over. I had this big ole pizza box in my kitchen that was too big to throw into the trash can. So I being the bachelor that I am, I threw it into the oven to hide it. Thing is, I forgot it was there. Later on, Peek went to cook something in the oven and needless to say, caught fire. Fortunately the house did not burn down. But while trying to come up with a new arc I thought of that and so, here we go.

In other totally unrelated news, my favorite band Abney Park was recently featured on G4's 'Underground with Morgan Webb.' Go check them out because they are a thousand times better than anything you are gonna hear on the radio.