Bored & Evil comic for April 27, 2009

"Not the Regularly Scheduled Comic..."

Believe it or not I had today's strip finished and ready to go on Monday. But with all the swine flu panic that the fear-mongering media is generating I felt like I had to chime in. Then I read an article and laughed my butt off. So I replaced the original comic with the one you see today. Don't worry though, the one that was supposed to run today will run Friday. Anyway, I know most of you don't really care to click the link so I'll give you the 'Reader's Digest' version. The Israelis and those of the Islamic faith are upset and offended by the term 'swine flu'. That's because of their religious stance on pork. So as not to offend anyone they want to rename 'swine flu' to 'Mexican Flu.' Yeah, that ought to work. But hey, at least they found something they could agree on! Yea, Middle East Peace!