Bored & Evil comic for May 11, 2009

"Star Trekkin' Across the Universe...."

Now you're gonna have that damn song stuck in your head all day long! MWHAHAHAHA! Seriously though, what can I say about Star Trek that hasn't been said already? Peek and I saw it opening night and I just took my mom and dad to see it in Imax for Mother's Day. In the past twenty years I've only ever been really enthused by two, TWO, Star Trek movies. Two in twenty years. That's sad. For the record they were Star Trek VI and Star Trek: First Contact. All the others have sucked. It's good to see Star Trek being entertaining again. And I'll also have to say that upon the second viewing I am totally freaked out by just how dead on Karl Urban's performance is as McCoy. Can't wait for the next one!