Bored & Evil comic for June 15, 2009

"My Newest Obsession..."

It seems that I am on a 'Punch and Judy' kick lately. Many years ago, when I was a kid, Busch Gardens in Williamsburg used to have a strolling 'Punch and Judy' show that walked around their England section. I've always loved puppetry and I just got the biggest kick out of the show. They don't do 'Punch and Judy' anymore. In this day and age where a kid can get expelled from school for drawing Han Solo shooting stormtroopers 'Punch and Judy' aren't really politically correct. You got Punch, who gets into a fight with his neighbor, throws his baby out the window, beats his wife and a policeman to death, talks his hangman into hanging himself, and kill s the devil. And it's for kids! In fact I started doing some research of the history of 'Punch and Judy.' It's really quite fascinating. I've always assumed that it was just puppets wailing on each other (not having seen 'Punch and Judy' in twenty-five years...) but there is a story involved. The puppeteer, called a Professor, usually adapts the story to his or her own style. Needless to say I'd really like to put on my own 'Punch and Judy' show. This hippie-dippie, feel good, liberal politically correct doucheness be damned!
And in a strange twisted piece of coincidence, I got a compilation album with this song on it a couple of days ago. This will probably be my favorite song of the summer..