Tell A Friend Day

Mall Monkeys Comic - Tell A Friend Day

Keith's Commentary

This was the absolute worst and best thing ever. Although I couldn't go by a day without getting several hundred instant messages, it gave me an endless source of people to make fun of. A lot of people thought I was an asshole because of it, but hey, put yourself in my shoes. I think at some point we replaced the screen names with other people we knew for shits and giggles and they pretended to be us and then got really mad when they couldn't go online without closing 50 im windows.

Eric's Commentary

This was the worst comic ever. It originally contained our real screennames for a very long time and that was horrible. We got so many IMs. Horrible, bad, evil IMs. That there was actually Keith's SN, but I ended up altering mine. Keith got a new SN out of frustration. Throughout Mall Monkeys existence the names here have changed to whoever's SN we didn't ex girlfriends, ect. I figure, if you're awesome enough to buy this CD, you're more than welcome to IM me. You can reach me as Duhreetoh.