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So I was watching 'Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey' on TV today. I had almost forgotten how much I love that movie. I really feel that they successfully built on the first film and made something greater than it could have been. How do you top a time travel story? Send your heroes through not only time but heaven and hell as well. Here are some reasons I love this film
– Granny S. Preston Esquire- Alex Winter as his own grandmother in Hell. Scary.
– Music- Primus has a cameo in the movie as does the guitarist from Faith No More. And it ends with a cheesy Kiss song.
– The Reaper- William Sadler as The Grim Reaper. A great comic performance.
– Closing Credits- A montage of newspaper and magazine covers over the end credits tell you the future of Wyld Stallyns.
– George Carlin- Reprising his role as Rufus from the first film. I love George Carlin.
– "We were totally lied to by our album covers!"- This line always made me laugh.

Cosmic Level

More than any other comic company, Marvel Comics has a wide variety of weird "cosmic level" characters. These are characters that are supposed to be so powerful and so… infinite… that they make the Hulk look like a newborn baby girl. Here are some of the weirder ones.
– Master Chaos and Master Order- Two giant floating heads.
– The Living Tribunal- A giant golden space judge with no neck and three heads.
– The In-Betweener- In addition to his bizarre name he's a giant half-black and half-white guy in what looks to be a karate uniform.
– The Champion of the Universe- One of the Elders of the Universe, he's essentially an uber-powerful boxer.

Masters of Universes

I like He-Man as much as any kid (even though I wasn't allowed to watch it for some reason). I used to watch it over at my friend Rex's house. Along with Raiders of the Lost Ark. But what strikes me about He-Man is how flat-out weird some of the characters were. Such as:
– Meka-Nek- Just a dude with a cybernetic extending neck.
– Skunkor- A bad guy who was a skunk. And who ensured that the good guys always smelled the bad guys coming.
– Moss Man- A green plant moss-covered guy. The action figured had fur and pine scent. But you have to wonder. Was he just Rock Man before the moss grew on him?
– Fisto- A guy with a big metal hand. Not so weird until you think about how dirty his name sounds.


Today, while working on the comic, I got to thinking about stuff related to the Sonic series and I was giggling because I always like the fact that Tails' real name was Miles Prower (Miles Per Hour… get it?). And in that vein, here are my five favorite video game sidekicks.
5. Tails- Proof that not only hedgehogs can run at supersonic speeds.
4. The Commandos (Baby Commando, Ninja Commando, Mummy Commando)- Sure, they were all playable but everyone knows that Captain Commando was the leader.
3. Luigi- Probably the best known sidekick. He epitomizes sidekick-ness (such as having his own offscreen adventures during the events of Super Paper Mario)
2. Barrett (Final Fantasy VII)- I don't know if he was technically a sidekick but he sure seemed like one. And his gun-arm was sweet.
1. Ashley (Resident Evil 4)- All sidekicks should run around in plaid skirts and be expert lamp-throwers.


I am no mood to write at the moment. Just cannot think of a single thing to write about. So here is another top 5 list. Top 5 favorite X-Men (in honor of the forthcoming X-Men First Class)
5. Wolverine – Bad-ass.
4. Dazzler- Under-rated disco-era light slinger.
3. The Beast- A crazy blue guy with a scientist brain.
2. Psylocke- An Englishwoman and former Captain Britain who switched bodies with a Japanese ninja.
1. Nightcrawler- The German blue devil. The best X-Man of all time.