Bored & Evil comic for September 15, 2004

"Summer movie season ends..."

Hi, Clownboy here with my second guest post this week. This Friday will see the release of 'Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.' I've wanted to see this since I saw the first trailer before 'Return of the King.' It just looks like everything I've ever wanted to see in a movie all in one movie. Few films have done that for me. Sky will also mark the end of the summer movie season which, let's be honest, sucked. I couldn't even tell you the last movie I saw was. In my opinion the only good movies that came out was Harry Potter and Spiderman. I just hope next year is better. It looks like it might be shaping up that way. After All we've got a Batman movie (with a ninety percent british cast) and a Hitchhiker's Guide movie (with a ninety percent american cast). Anyway, enough of my geek out.