Bored & Evil comic for September 17, 2004

"Friday the 17th..."

Clownboy here again with what may be my last guest post. Robert will most likely be back on Monday. I think he's learned a valuable lesson: grape soda is NOT compatible with Macintosh keyboards.

I just wanted to tell you all that if you haven't already checked it out, go check out 'Martin's Misdirection' ( After you have read and voted for Bored and Evil of course. The scary thing about 'Martin's' is how it mirrors my own life. The main character, Martin, is a magician, I'm a magician. Martin wears black t-shirts and jeans, I wear black t-shirts and jeans. He has a wisecracking rabbit sidekick, I have a wisecracking rabbit sidekick. The character of Martin even LOOKS like me, right down to the soul patch and thick eyebrows. Now if he has Weird Al's autograph tattooed on his arm, then I'll really get freaked out...