Bored & Evil comic for October 20, 2004

"I Likes It"

I like today's comic a lot. Writing Joe really lets me poke fun at myself and preconceived notions people have about me. You may think Joe is a comic, movie and food obsessed moron but I assure you, this is pretty much me. The character of Jake is loosely based (personality-wise) on my friend and webmaster Steve, Goad is based on a hippie I knew and Holly is a composite of several girls I know. Art imitates life and vice versa.

In other news, GO RED SOX! The only professional sports team I give a damn about has kicked butt the last three days. They rock.

October 29th is the date of release for Saw, so go see it! Go see the Grudge! And check out the hilarious new Seed of Chucky trailer online.