Bored & Evil comic for October 22, 2004


It's almost time for GTA:San Andreas... But November is shaping up to be exciting for gamers. Not only does it see the release of WWE Raw vs. Smackdown! and Goldeneye: Rogue Agent but also of the Nintendo DS, the next gen of handheld systems. For more info, buy me one for Christmas and I will let you play it for a few minutes.

Gamers should also check out Puzzle Pirates at www.puzzle Fun game.

The producers of the Texas Chainsaw remake are working on a prequel... could be a potential disaster (though the remake turned out better than expected).

Saw something strange last night... apparently Ben Affleck does a killer James Carville impression. Lots of people hate Affleck for the whole JLo thing but anyone who appreciates Chasing Amy, Jersey Girl, Good Will Hunting or Dogma can't help but like the guy... I know I do...