Bored & Evil comic for August 24, 2005

"Neat Neat Neat"

Be sure to check out Ain't It Cool News for a link to the international trailer for Harry Potter 4. It's pretty neat, with some more shots of the Ball and the flying Beauxbatons carriage.
Today Wally Martin is a doctor. Why? Because I like having one all purpose character to play clerks and such. Sort of like the distraught salesman guy on The Simpsons. So far Wally has been a doctor, a bookstore employee and a temp agency rep. In the future I hope to make him an astronaut, a Gold Glove winning baseball player and Rue McClanahan.
You know what type of person bothers me? College aged guys in polo shirts, khaki shorts, scraggly hair and baseball caps (usually from a clothing store and not a baseball team). When did this become the official uniform for college a-holes? Sometimes I wish I owned a taser. Or a Sherman tank. Like James Garner in that movie where he broke C. Thomas Howell out of a work camp in his tank. Awesome flick.
So answer me this. Imagine a guy who talks all the time about how great a pound cake from a certain store is. But that store isn't around here. Then imagine somebody goes on a trip and buys a pound cake from this store for this other person. But the cake is shaped differently and is a slightly different flavor. So you politely say you are going to eat it anyway and then leave it on your nightstand with one little bite taken out of it. Rude! I know the preceding paragraph makes little sense to most people, but those who know what I'm talking about...