Bored & Evil comic for August 26, 2005

"The Record"

Just for the record, it wasn't me who posted the tiny update from Baltimore, it was Steve of The Outer Circle. Funny though.
I will soon begin assuming control over the layout of the Bored and Evil comics myself. I don't know yet how much this will affect the look of the comic but we will see.
I never know where my ideas are going to come from. I heard 'Devil Went Down To Georgia' on the radio the other day and I thought it would be funny if I had Ricky claim he beat the devil in a fiddling contest, I decided to switch it from Ricky to Joe (the difference being if Ricky said it, it probably was true, if Joe said it, he was just confused).
We really need people to get our forums jumping, talk about whatever you want (Hirohito, enchiladas, Finland... whatever). Also, if you post in forums elsewhere, be sure to pimp us out so we can get some more readers. Share the Bored and Evil. It's good for your karma. Though I still don't know what a karma chameleon is...
If you guys spread the word about us (and The Outer Circle) and we increase our readership enough, we may be able to spring ourselves an invite to Connecticon next year. So, organize your rallys and make your posters. Threaten people and grab sleeping dissenters from their beds! Viva la Bored and Evil!