Bored & Evil comic for August 31, 2005

"Two Days In A Row!"

The thing about a late post is that it bumps ass against an on time post. Funny how that works.
My best wishes to those suffering from the effects of Hurricane Katrina. And from the morons who are looting and murdering people down there. These things bring out the best and worst in us. All around town groups are donating money and time to help the victims. Earlier I saw some US Marines doing a fundraising car wash. Nice. The webcomic community, too, is doing it's part in the form of a fundraiser. I hope to have a banner to that up soon. I will be constructing a webcomic to submit to them soon. As soon as I can think of an idea for one.
On that note, I have begun the process of constructing the webcomics myself instead of just writing them. Baby steps (I still have a lot to learn if I want to create some stuff on my own) but I will most likely have my first self-constructed comic up on Monday.
I really want to see The Transporter 2, but that chick in the previews just gives me the willies. I mean seriously, lady. Eat a sandwich or twelve.
My congratulations go out to Richard Kirsch, creator of Neltark and Willie for how well his comic is progressing and improving at every turn. It's a goofy little piece of work, but it makes me laugh anyway. Good work, buddy.