Bored & Evil comic for September 2, 2005

"Thursday Update"

I didn't update my news yesterday because I didn't want Steve to feel like he was the only one who didn't. Besides, if Smackdown can move to Fridays from Thursdays, then I can move in to Thursdays (even if only for one day).
I'm looking forward to the new season of Smallville. Before now, I have been only an occasional viewer of the show (watching the season premiers and finales and a couple in between) because I felt that too many of the episodes were non-linear to the story (which is ok, because X-Files did that), but also that every other episode featured somebody mutated by the kryptonite. It quickly became an annoying plot device. Despite that, I enjoy the show mainly because of the great ensemble cast. Tom Welling, Michael Rosenberg and John Schneider are particularly good on the show and if you need yet another reason to watch, Chloe and Lois are hotter than the sun and Lana's not bad either. This season we have Tom Wopat (making a Dukes reunion), Lynda Carter and James Marsters (better known as Spike on Buffy and Angel) in the mix, as recurring characters. Pretty sweet. Also, they promised us more of Metropolis this time.
If you slept through my little Smallville rant, it's time to wake up. Check out this weeks Outer Circle, it's funny even if it is a little homoerotic and disturbing.