Bored & Evil comic for September 7, 2005

"Oh, It's True! It's Damn True!"

So, yeah. Steve does post more than me. I knew that. I also know that if you ever say anything to Steve that could be misconstrued as competitive, he will immediately find seven thousand reasons why you are wrong or why his situation is better. And I felt like making him do math. Of course, knowing Steve, he probably wrote a program months ago whose only function is to tally up things Steve does better, longer and more frequently than me. The only thing I do better, longer and more frequently than him has made me need glasses.
So here's the rundown on this week's Crisis In Infinite Living Rooms. Monday featured regular Joe, Joe Santa Claus and Rabbi Joe. Tuesday featured Jake, Backwoods Potato Sack Jake and Senor Remake. And today features Edelbrock and Charlie Chaplin Edelbrock. Why so many characters and versions of characters? Well just in case I someday make it big, I want a ton of action figures. Preferably the resin ones like the Clerks cartoon figures.
Speaking of Clerks. Somebody get up to Jersey and light a fire under Kevin Smith's ass and get him to work on Clerks 2! I'd rather watch any Kevin Smith movie a thousand times (even Jersey Girl) than the latest 'Nickelodeon/WB star as an undercover cop in high school with a wacky sidekick' movie in the cineplex.
If you were swimming in a pool full of Visine, what color would your eyes turn?