Bored & Evil comic for September 9, 2005

"The End My Friend"

Late post on a busy day.
With October breathing down our necks like a frat guy at homecoming, it's time to consider my Halloween ritual. Four weeks, four new characters plus costumes for the existing ones. Go to the forums and let us know if want to see any particular type of new character or just have a suggestion.
On the wrestling front, October brings a shift. WWE will be back on USA and TNA will begin airing on Spike TV which is great news for those who are sick of seeing the same old WWE stuff. Guys like AJ Styles, Raven and Elix Skipper are going to show fans what wrestling can be.
I'm tired so it's a short post.
But thanks to Richard Kirsch of Neltark and Willie who will be guesting on the comic for the next two weeks with his Queer Eye arc. Who else but Richard would come up with this idea? Nobody. That's who.