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Five Games

Today I have been thinking about video games and since I am in the habit of making lists I decided to list the Top 5 best games from my childhood.
5- Tetris- I like this one a lot. My mom and sister were wicked good at it.
4- Contra- The Konami Code introduced me to the joys of cheat codes.
3- The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past- I played the living heck out of this one. But my mom beat it first.
2- Super Metroid- One of the first games I ever managed to complete, not just story-wise but getting everything there was to get in the game.
1- Super Mario Brothers 3- The best in the series (arguably) and still one of the most fun to play.

Viewing Schedule

This time of year when the good shows are on hiatus I get to thinking about TV. Here is a list of the shows I watch without fail and that YOU TOO should be watching.
Monday- Chuck
Wednesday- South Park
Thursday- Big Bang Theory, Community, The Office, Parks and Recreation
Friday- Fringe (just moved to Fridays)
Saturday- Saturday Night Live
Sunday- The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Walking Dead (sadly, no new episodes until the holidays next year)
There are some others that are great but the day they air eludes me for the moment: Doctor Who, The Venture Brothers, Chowder, Futurama, Dexter, True Blood, Young Justice (not scheduled to air until January but the premiere episode was really good), Torchwood (new episodes in 2011)

Christmas Eve

Hey! It's Christmas Eve! I'm spending time with my family! Get off the internet and go drink some egg nog or something!


One thing that has always interested me are regional restaraunts. It seems that many of my favorite places to eat can only be found elsewhere. Such as:
White Castle- The burgers arent high quality but they are cheap and I think they are delicious. I would smother a baby seal with a pillow if it would get us a White Castle around here.
Crystal- I've heard good things. Supposedly they have the little burgers like White Castle but also have little hot dogs too. Mmmm.
Zino's Pizza- They don't have them around here anymore. There's one near Baltimore that has become the MAIN reason I look forward to going to Otakon with Steve and Rich. Best pizza anywhere, in my opinion.
In And Out Burger- Really supposed to be delicious.
Hot and Now- This one I actually don't know if they exist anymore but they sure were great burgers when they were. Of course when we had one it had a BEEPER store next to it so that should tell you how long ago it was.
Pioneer Pies- This is another one that I'm not sure if it still exists. But when I was a kid in Spokane they had great pies. Or so says the memory of a little kid.


I had a great Christmas. Got a new digital camera and a gift card to put towards my new forthcoming Green Lantern Chuck Taylors. I got to see all my siblings and all my nieces and nephews. I lost a game of Settlers of Catan but won a game of Monopoly. I watched Dirty Harry. I ate cookies. But the best part (for me) came today when I got to hold my newborn nephew Jackson. He was so cute and tiny I could barely contain my enthusiasm. But I did, because he was sleeping.
Christmas successfully enjoyed.