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I was thinking about Tron Legacy, a movie I loved. Not only was Quora really, really REALLY hot but the movie was great. Oddly, I didn't really care for the first movie. The look of it was good but beyond that… eh…
So here's a list of my top five favorite sequels that are better than the original.
5- The Godfather II- The original is very good but Robert DeNiro as young Vito Corleone seals this one as better.
4- X2- The sequel to X-Men was bigger and grander than the original and included my all-time favorite X-Man Nightcrawler.
3- Spider-man 2- Alfred Molina as Doc Ock rocked the pretty good first movie (which was hampered only by a Power Rangers mask on the Green Goblin)
2- Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan- Beats the heck out of 'Star Trek I: Bald Chicks In Space'
1- The Empire Strikes Back- 'Nuff said.

My Last Meal

As I am planning to go on a diet for the new year today I was thinking about my last meal (like death row last meal). What would I get? I'm not sure. But it would include the following things:
– Goulasch and Spatzle homemade by my mom
– root beer float
– eel sushi
– a bucket of hibachi grilled shrimp
– a bowl of Boo Berry cereal
– a big ol' steak
– a gondola sandwich (an italian sausage and pepper sandwich my grandma makes)
– a strawberry milkshake
– a pepperoni pizza from Lido's Pizza

Good Casting

I am seriously at a loss as to what to write about tonight. So seeing as how this is a holiday weekend, I will make it short and just list 5 instances of good casting. Taking a character from a book or comic and finding the absolute perfect person to play them.
5. Mickey Rourke as Marv in 'Sin City'
4. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the 'X-Men' movies
3. Tom Cruise as Lestat in 'Interview With The Vampire'- A total surprise here but he really brought the character to life.
2. Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in 'Iron Man'- How do you get somebody to play the world's greatest alcoholic superhero? Hire a former alcoholic!
1. Jackie Earl Haley as Rorschach in 'Watchmen'- The performance that makes the movie.

New Year

So it's a new year and I plan to (just this one year) actually live up to my resolution. I'm eating healthier and I'm going to start getting some exercise (if I can figure out how to get the mountain bike from my dad's house to here). I've often heard it said that "looks don't matter." I've also heard women say that money isn't important to them. I've learned that only ONE of those things are true at a time, not both simultaneously. SO, that being said. I'm going to do what I call 'Pulling a Donnie' and lose the weight. I'm going to eat healthy and I'm going to do everything in my power to get down to a respectable weight. And despite me kidding above, the reason is NOT women. First off, I don't want to die. Second of all, I had a thought today. My brain is attached to my overweight body so if I lose weight will my creativity and reasoning skills improve? I think so, probably just do to the fact that I will spend less time being lethargic. I don't know. Just the way my brain works.

Family Guy

I re-watched the Family Guy take on 'Return of the Jedi' today and I enjoyed it, though I think the first one (Blue Harvest) was the best. I think these adaptations (featuring Family Guy characters as Star Wars characters) is really amusing and a great money-making idea for the show. But now that the show has done all three of the original Star Wars films, where do they go next? Do they give up the idea? Hardly. Here are some suggestions:
– The Star Wars prequels- They mentioned at the end of the new one and it seems logical. They would have to do some recasting obviously but several of the characters would be the same. Stewie as Anakin, Herbert as Obi-Wan, Cleveland as R2D2.
– The Indiana Jones films- Another of the more obvious choices and could be a goldmine if they do it. Peter as Indy, Lois as the female lead in all three (just recast her), Stewie as the villain in each one (just the idea of him in Temple of Doom yelling 'Kali Ma!' would make me laugh). And in the third one you could have Peter's grumpy Catholic dad as Henry Sr.
– Star Trek- The flipside of the coin would be to do one of the Star Trek films. Not the first one, I hope. Peter as Kirk, Stewie as Spock, the giant chicken as Khan. I could see it.
– Harry Potter- Casting adults as the kid characters wouldnt be a huge stretch, they do it in Hollywood all the time. Peter as Harry, Lois as Hermione, Chris as Ron and Stewie as a slightly-gay Voldemort. Plus they'd have seven or eight episodes worth of material.
Other ideas: Pirates of the Carribbean, Bram Stoker's Dracula, the X-Men films, Casablanca, Gone With the Wind, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Wizard of Oz (featuring Joe as a wheelchair-bound Tin Man)…