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I keep hearing rumors that there will be a new Indiana Jones movie. Despite the shortcomings of the last one it was great to see Indy in action again so I hope that the rumors are true. They've done the Ark of the Covenant, The Shankara Stones, The Holy Grail and the Crystal Skull of Akator. I had a couple of ideas for other stories…
– Indiana Jones and the Isle of the Dead- The Isle of the Dead (also known as Avalon) is (according to myth) the final resting place of King Arthur. So I figured a movie where Jones goes there searching for Excalibur (Arthur's famous sword) would be really cool.
– Indiana Jones and the Spear of Destiny- This may have been done in the comics but The Spear of Destiny is supposedly the spear used to stab Jesus while he was crucified. It's appeared in stories ever since (including DC Comics, where the spear was said to have the power to keep superheroes out of World War II). It's just the type of biblical item the Indy films specialize in.
– Indiana Jones and the Hammer of the Gods- Sending Jones to the cold Nordic countries in search of Mjolnir (the fabled hammer of the Norse god Thor) could lead to all kinds of interesting story ideas (zombie vikings, hidden ice cities etc).

Things I Like

I have a few interests that I hold only to myself. This is mainly because my friends have zero interest in them. So here are some things I would likely get mocked for.
– Pro Wrestling- Good vs. Evil on a larger than life stage. With DDTs.
– Country Music. The old stuff. Plus Kasey Chambers. Nothing makes me feel better about being miserable or upset than a bunch of old guys singing about it.
– Comics- Perhaps today's best art is produced in graphic novel form. Better than novels. Usually better than movies.
– Stand Up Comedy- I used to want to do this. I even did it for awhile at amateur nights. Until there were no more amateur nights.

Young Justice

Young Justice on Cartoon Network has been a pretty great show so far. The animation is good, the story is good and best of all (for me) they are putting tons of DC characters into the stories. The original Young Justice (in the comics) began as a take-off of the Teen Titans concept, essentially a group of sidekicks teaming up. The original team was Superboy (Connor Kent), Robin (Tim Drake) and Impulse (Bart Allen). They soon added Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) and would eventual go on to include archer Arrowette, the mysterious Secret and a clone of Lobo called Slobo. The show has taken this idea and mixed it with a more Teen Titans sensibility and made some changes that bring the characters back to their core concepts. Superboy is no longer the brash super-clone, he is a serious and confused guy. Robin is now the original Dick Grayson. Impulse has been replaced with the original Kid Flash (Wally West). Wonder Girl and Arrowette seem to have been combined into Artemis. The show has created a brand new Aqualad who seems pretty awesome (they've introduced a variation of him into the comics in the Brightest Day series). They have rounded out the team with Miss Martian (a teen titans character who here seems to be an actual Green Martian and not a White Martian in disguise like in the comics). Red Tornado still serves as the mentor to the team but they have added Black Canary as the team's combat trainer. The Justice League serve in a mentor capacity and will make infrequent appearances. But this Justice League is bigger than the comics one and consists of Red Tornado, Batman, Superman, two Green Lanterns, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Zatara, Black Canary, Aquaman, Captain Marvel, Martian Manhunter and Green Arrow. This makes me wonder of some of these characters' sidekicks may not join Young Justice at a later date (maybe Captain Marvel Jr, Zatanna, Arisia, Cyclone, Supergirl or Batgirl) Also spotted were DC characters like The Guardian, Dubbilex, Icicle, Mister Freeze, Captain Cold, Killer Frost, Speedy (with a rumor that he may take his comics alter ego of Red Arrow), Mister Twister and TO Morrow. And that's just the first three episodes. All this has combined to make the DC fan in me salivate.


Seeing as how it's 5:50 a.m. and I nearly forgot to blog today I will just do a quick list. Batman has so many great villains. Perhaps the best Rogue's Gallery in all of comics. But he has also had some real stinkers. The Top 5 Worst Batman Villains:
5) Captain Stingaree- A pirate-themed villain. Later revealed to be dating number 4…
4) The Cavalier- Another pirate-themed villain. Both of these guys had two powers: Being annoying and waving a sword around.
3) Killer Moth- A guy in purple striped leggings, a green helmet and orange wings who flies. Lame.
2) Crazy Quilt- A guy with a flashing helmet that hypnotizes people. And one of the worst villain names ever.
1) Kite Man- Commits crimes uses kites and hang gliders. I mean, what's next? Handkerchief Man? Lace Doily Man?


There will be no blog today due to my sickness. I have a sinus infection thats all up in my ears and while I feel generally better than I did Friday night I still feel as though somebody is stepping on my head with a football cleat. But check in for a comic tomorrow.