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Top Ten Companions

Another list. I did a list like this back when I was updating The Who Philes website. But here it is
The Top Ten Sexiest Companions On Dr. Who
10) Victoria Waterfield- Very cute.
9) Ace- She gets a bad rap for being a tomboy but I thought she was cute.
8) Romana II- So hot that the guy playing The Doctor married her.
7) Leela- Oh yeah, cave girl with a knife.
6) Peri- The very best reason to watch any of the Sixth Doctor episodes was Peri.
5) Martha Jones- If this list were of the top ten most kickass companions she would rank higher
4) Rose Tyler- The companion of my favorite Doctor (the Ninth)
3) Sarah Jane Smith- Cute as a button.
2) Zoe Heriot- The second sexiest travelled with the Second Doctor. Interesting.
1) Amy Pond- Scottish. And redhead. Seriously, I'd be attracted to an empty soda can if it was a redhead Scot.


I was sort of upset when Fox relegated one of my favorite shows, Fringe, to the so-called 'Friday night death slot'. The same one that had killed the genius of Firefly. So I was surprised to hear that not only did Fringe do well in the slot but it kicked all sorts of butt, far exceeding expectations. You go, Fringe.
If you aren't watching Fringe then get the DVD of the first season and watch it. Seriously. It's like X-Files Plus. The interplay between the characters of Peter Bishop and his father Walter is some of the best writing I have ever seen on TV.

The New Superman

So some new guy (Henry Cavill) has been cast as Superman in The Man of Steel in which Zack Snyder (who I like) will attempt to duplicate the magic of the new Batman movies. My problem is this. While Superman Returns had major problems (mainly in terms of it's story and script), I think it had excellent casting and looked really great. They should have really just done a sequel to that one and made it awesome. Short post I know, but it's what I had to say.


I really like the musical Hair. But whatI wanted to talk about was MY hair.
Currently my hair is scraggly, unkempt and needs to be cut. I usually go for a pretty short hairstyle (due to the recommendations of my friends and family) but I have begun to wonder: should I just let it go? My only real good argument for letting it grow out is that I think it's easy to take care of it makes my ears warm.
But I have three reasons to cut it. First, my size. I'm big. Some would even say overlarge. I'm not entirely sure that long hair isn't just meant for women and really skinny guys. Does a fat guy like me look worse if he grows longer hair?
Second, my hair is starting to gray out a bit. Not obscenely so, but more than a smattering on the right side and a bit in the back. Would going short hide this? Could be.
Third, im thinning in the middle. Sadly, it's the middle of my head and not my middle middle. Short hair might also hide this. It's not real bad yet but I think a mop top might accentuate the approaching hair loss.
I don't know.

Better Off Dead

Here is a list of my favorite comic book characters who have bucked the trend and stayed dead. It has become a trend in recent comics to bring back characters that were long dead (like Bucky and Jason Todd). And while I think these things have been done well I think that killing off characters means a lot more if they stay dead.
5) Thunderbird- John Proudstar was a member of the all-new X-Men in the 1960's but died on their second mission. He has been replaced by his brother Warpath, allowing writers to keep Thunderbird's death meaningful while not completely abandoning a cool character concept.
4) Karen Page- Daredevil's dead girlfriend. How do you give a comic character some issues to deal with? Get his girlfriend addicted to heroin and doing porn. Then tell her she has HIV and have her murdered by the same villain who killed Daredevil's other girlfriend. Dark stuff.
3) Abin Sur- The Green Lantern whose death led to Hal Jordan getting the power ring. While much retconning has revealed secrets about Abin Sur, they have not brought him back. Which is as it should be.
2) Sue Dibny- The lovable wife of the Elongated Man, she was accidentally killed by the psycho ex-girlfriend of The Atom. What makes the death remarkable is how it affected later storylines and the heartbreak invoked by the Elongated Man's reaction. The solution was good too. Elongated Man died and became a ghost detective with Sue (so while the character still exists she is still technically dead).
1) Gwen Stacy- One of the most shocking moments in the history of comics, Stacy was thrown off a bridge by the Green Goblin. Her boyfriend Spider-man used webbing to catch her but it accidentally snapped her neck. A heart rending moment. She has since made several appearances in alternate universes, flashbacks and as short-lived clones but the original is still dead. And much more powerful for being so.