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Another Top Five. Because I Like Them.

Yeah. I'm going to bed. But first… Top Five Favorite Candy Bars!
5) Nestle Crunch
4) Heath- Especially when mixed into a Blizzard
3) Almond Joy
2) Take 5 (It's like the King of Candy Bars)
1) Hershey's with Almonds- The candy bar I would take with me to a desert isle.

An Odd List

Today I was thinking about all the sequels, prequels and such that are out there. And it occurred to me that there are still several movies that I WISH had sequels but that don't.
– Galaxy Quest- This hilarious send-up of Trek fandom made me laugh until my side split. I'd LOVE to see Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman reunite for a sequel.
– Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy- I loved this movie. They need to make the sequel THE RESTAURANT AT THE END OF THE UNIVERSE.
– Serenity- The show was good and got canceled. The movie was great and they aren't making a sequel. There is no justice.
– Shaft. I thought Samuel L Jackson's revival of the classic concept was cool. Cooler than the other side of the pillow. So why no sequel?
– Unbreakable. I think this one went over a lot of heads but I thought it was really good and that Shyamalan should have made the trilogy out of this that he planned.

A Little Direction

It occurs to me that as much as I love all types of movies there are a few movie directors whose films I love almost all of (most of them have maybe one or two I don't care for). So here are my favorites…
5- Rob Zombie- Sure, some of his work is like an LSD trip in a haunted house but 'Devil's Rejects' was genius. Favorite: Devil's Rejects
4- The Coen Brothers- The inventors of the quirky crime film. Favorite: Fargo (though I have yet to see True Grit)
3- John Carpenter- We owe the modern slasher film to him. Plus he created Snake Plissken. Favorite: Halloween
2- Kevin Smith- The man's a genius with comedy. Favorite: Clerks II
1- Quentin Tarantino- The guy who made homage cool. Favorite: Kill Bill


So we're back from MagFest and overall I had a pretty good time. On the plus side, I got to spend some time with Steve and Rich which is always fun. I got to play some vintage arcade games (Popeye, NBA Jam, Terminator 2, Donkey Kong). I got to see a Super Art Fight (which is always good.)
The downside is that we were staying on the same hall as a large group of young annoying people who were up until 4 or 5 two nights in a row making all manner of noise, banging on each other's doors, being loud etc. Now, I generally dislike young people for this very reason. They annoy me. They are loud and they all think they are the funniest pers0n around. Which they aren't. Unfortunately, while Rich and Steve slept right through the noise, I couldn't. And repeated attempts to tell them to shut up only resulted in mere minutes of quiet. And of course the next morning the hallways had trash in them. And a pillow with what looked like vomit on it. I will never understand how some people feel that being away from home gives them license to just go wild and be as rude and loud as possible. Were I a bigger and much more muscular man I would probably have taken more drastic measures.
Damn I hate people.

The Return

So Spunky Brew is back this week. Due to unforeseen technical issues last week we had to take a brief hiatus. But I'm back this week with new comics, new blogs and new mission. Our numbers are small (let's face it, we just started) and while it's great that my friends and family read (and occasionally even enjoy) my comic, I need to get it out there to much, much larger audiences. So here's the plan. I'm going to start doing some guest strips for other comics (if you read this and have a comic, let me know, I'll put a guest strip together for you). What I need YOU to do is tell people about the comic. Spread the word. At some point I plan to put together business cards to hand out at conventions and such but until then, help a brother out (literally if you are my sibling) and throw some traffic my way. Anyhow, that's all for me. Tune back in tomorrow for a brand new strip.