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Green Lantern

Saw the new Green Lantern trailer today I'm pretty excited. Green Lantern surpassed Superman as my favorite super-hero a few years ago so I have been eagerly anticipating this movie and the trailer just makes me want to see it more. I like the casting of Ryan Reynolds, the guy makes me laugh but I also believe he can make a credible Hal Jordan. The core of the character is fearlessness and determination that Reynolds can pull off. Add in the uber-hot Blake Lively as Carol Ferris (the future Star Sapphire if they make more movies) and appearances from such awesome characters as Kilowog, Tomar Re and Hector Hammond (and Sinestro as the probable villain) and this is a recipe for multiple viewings…


Music is a strange thing. There was a Hootie and the Blowfish song on the radio today ('Only Wanna Be With You') and I could have sworn that I heard the following lyrics:
"I'm such a baby 'cause a dolphin made me cry."
"Said I shot a man named Greg, his wife's a little leg."
Man, that guy needs to enunciate. But on a strange note, I like him. He made me laugh in his Burger King commercial and his country album wasn't half bad (this from a guy whose taste in country runs from one Australian singer to a bunch of dead guys).
Just saying…


This is proof positive that my roommate is Howard Wolowitz of Big Bang Theory.
1. Both alarmingly skinny.
2. Both prone to wearing garish clothing that looks like it came off an old lady's furniture.
3. When asked 'Did you get a hair cut?' both will invariably answer 'I got them all cut.'
4. Both prone to wearing large belt buckles.
5. Wolowitz doesn't have a doctorate. Neither does Richard.
What did I tell you? PROOF!

Lists, Lists, Lists

I know I make a lot of lists in these things but I like it…
Anyway, here's my top 5 favorite James Bond films. In honor of the annual James Bond marathon on TV during Thanksgiving.
5) Goldeneye- The best of the Pierce Brosnan ones. Famke Jansen as a batshit crazy villain and Sean Bean as a rogue double O. Awesome flick.
4) Goldfinger- Would be rated higher except that Bond progresses through this adventure by continually screwing up. Still, it makes the list for such iconic characters as Goldfinger, Oddjob and Pussy Galore.
3) On Her Majesty's Secret Service- Yeah, I know. George Lazenby sucks as Bond. But the combination of Telly Savalas as Blofeld and the marriage and subsequent widowing of Bond rates this one high on my list.
2) Casino Royale- Daniel Craig's debut as Bond and in my opinion the most like the Bond of the books. Great film.
1) From Russia With Love- I like Sean Connery best and this is his best outing. Bond vs. Commies, a gorgeous Soviet defectee and a fistfight in a tiny train cabin, it doesn't get much better than that.

Feeling Bad

Another list. It's frickin' list week!
So here's my top 5 favorite super-villains.
5) Magneto- Sometimes he's a hero, sometimes a villain, but what makes him great (besides his bitchin' helmet) is the fact that he does what he does because he thinks he is right. He's as much a victim as a villain.
4) The Monarch- He manages to make me laugh and still be slightly menacing. But really, it's the voice that gets me.
3) Doctor Doom- He's the Man In The Iron Mask with a mean streak. Not only is he a master of science and magic but he has his own country. Beat that, Dinosaur Neil!
2) The Red Skull- Not only is he a Nazi but he has an awesome red skull for a face! Without the excuse of insanity that so many villains have, The Red Skull stands as an example of how just being a despicable human being can make you a great villain.
1) The Joker- He's funny, he's ruthless and he's completely insane. What I like best about him is that he is the yin to Batman's yang. Almost as if one cannot exist without the other.