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So I'm going to be at my first Anime USA this weekend with Steve (from Dueling Analogs) and Richard (from nothing). While I look forward to seeing a couple people I know I'm sure this con will be very similar to all the other anime cons I have been to. So here's a list of things I KNOW I will see:
– Many Badge Guy- Yes, one of the things you will always see is the old guy (usually with longish graying hair and 80's eyeglasses) who has a t-shirt with some sort of airbrushed animal on it (usually eagle or wolf) and every badge to every con he has ever been to (usually 30 plus) pinned to his jacket or bag.
– Hug Guy- Usually a high school kid. This is one of the many ultra-shy introverted guys who populate America's high schools. But he has been transformed by what he perceives as a social event (but what is ACTUALLY an anime themed flea market) and has worked up JUST enough courage to make a tiny handwritten sign that says 'Free Hugs'.
– Look At Me Girl- This is the most common. These are girls who primary attraction to anime is that it allows them to dress up in costumes and have their friends take pictures of them. They aren't there to buy things, they aren't even really there to watch anime. They are there to show off their costume, have their picture taken and chase their annoying friends all over the convention center.
– Hidden Artist- These are people who have spent a lot of time filling sketchbooks with their art. They walk around the convention (usually alone) with a giant sketchbook and often a bag full of expensive art supplies. They get near somebody who is an artist (or in my case a guy watching an artist's table), pull out the pad and then immediately flee in the opposite direction.
– Parents- These are the most fun. These are the parents of many of the attendees (anime conventions are like 80-90% attended by high school kids). They wander around (either alone or with their kids) looking at attendees and exhibitors as if they were glowing three headed armadillos. The looks on their faces range from confusion to amusement to outright horror. It's great.

Something I Don't Like

Yeah, I know. Big surprise right? But it struck me today just how annoyed I am by 'Two and a Half Men'.
The first thing that bothers me is the kid. He was creepy when he was little (and that frightening opening song didn't help) and as he gets older he just gets more and more off putting. Like if I wanted a room full of people to leave I would put that kid in there.
The second thing is the simple characters. The characters are just one-note. Charlie is a womanizer, Allen is an anal-retentive type… We get it! Do something interesting!
And the worst thing, the WORST THING, is getting rid of Melanie Lynskey as Rose. She was the only good character on that show. But then again, the show sucks to start with.
So why is it worth my time to complain about it? Because I cant @#$%ing get away from it! It's on like every channel! Gah! Jon Cryer, how far you've fallen since Pretty In Pink…

A Short Point

It's late and I have to leave for Anime USA in the morning so I'm just going to make a few short points.
– It's my roommate's turn to spring for donuts this Sunday.
– Millions of dollars later and I still have no real desire to see Avatar.
– Venture Brothers is one of the greatest shows ever made.
– Conan's new show is just as funny as his old ones.
– I'd walk a mile naked through broken glass for a Lido's Pizza right now…

Short Update

Had a pretty fun weekend at Anime USA, the cons are usually more fun when you don't have to pay for your ticket or most of your hotel room. Got to hang out with Jim and Nellie (of Morlock) and met Megan of Kawaii Not (she was nice.) I AM glad to be home, sitting behind a table all weekend takes it's toll on you.
So, about to head out to work so I apologize for the short post. Check in tomorrow for a brand new comic!

Cowboys And Aliens

Yeah, that's the title of the new Jon Favreau movie. And while it may seem silly, the poster is neat and the movie is directed by the director of Iron Man and Iron Man 2. Which I love.
And the CAST: Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde (who I love just from the Tron trailers) and Sam Rockwell. So it's essentially aliens, cowboys, James Bond, Han Solo, hot Tron girl and Zaphod Beeblebrox. This movie is going to rock the old ways the way Wild Wild West and Jonah Hex were supposed to. The weird West style pics are rife for exploitation and I think this film will be the benchmark for these films.
I still want to see the remake of True Grit more, though.