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Today at work I was listening to the Beatles on my Ipod and looking at my new Beatles calender over my stapler and it made me think of a great new top ten list for my blog. So here goes. My top 10 favorite Beatles songs. Since I love the Beatles more than I love a hot steak with mashed potatoes. And speaking of the Beatles, it also occurs to me that Paul McCartney is so intent on beating those old 'Paul Is Dead' rumors that he plans to outlive EVERYBODY.
10. I've Just Seen A Face
9. The Long And Winding Road
8. Revolution
7. Help!
6. And Your Bird Can Sing
5. Eleanor Rigby
4. Yellow Submarine
3. Penny Lane
2. In My Life
1. Let It Be


One of my best childhood memories was browsing through our VHS tape collection for a movie to watch. We only had a small collection, garnered from Dad's early days copying tapes he rented to the later method of movie acquistition, recording them off HBO when they had Free Weekends. So here is a short list of my favorite movies to watch on crappy VHS.
5) Grease- To this day I know almost every word of this movie.
4) Superman- One of the greatest super-hero films ever.
3) Pete's Dragon- Love, love, love this movie.
2) Raiders of the Lost Ark- The only one we had on tape. But it's the best one, so that's okay. I used to cover my eyes during some of the grosser parts.
1) The Star Wars Trilogy- Count as one entry because I'd usually watch them all back to back. Empire and Star Wars were on one tape that had a band-aid on it.

Another Short One

It's late, I am tired and I very nearly forgot to update at all. Looking forward to MagFest next weekend. Three whole days of video game goodness. Anyhoo, I was thinking about Star Trek today (because I love it, even though much of nerd-dom has abandoned it). And I decided to list my favorite five movies starring Star Trek people. That aren't Star Trek movies. And don't star people from the new Star Trek film because that would be a much much longer list.
5- Kingdom of the Spiders (starring William Shatner aka Captain Kirk)- Ewww spiders.
4- Dune (starring Patrick Stewart aka Captain Picard)- Sting, flying fat dudes and bad-ass German Jurgen Prochnow.
3- Stand By Me (starring Wil Wheaton aka Wesley Crusher)- The quintessential Stephen King 50's memorabilia movie
2- Back To School (starring Terry Farrell aka Jadzia Dax as girl love interest whose name eludes me)- Rodney Dangerfield, the jerky blonde guy from Karate Kid and the tough fat guy from Rocky.
1- Pet Semetary (starring Denise Crosby aka Tasha Yar)- because that kid is SCARY. And Fred Gwynn is awesome.


I love Adult Swim (Cartoon Network after 9pm). They bring me reruns of several shows I like (King of the Hill, Family Guy etc), play the occasional cancelled animated gem (Baby Blues, Mission Hill) and put on some of the best original programming available (Venture Brothers, Boondocks). But they sure do put out some stinkers. Here are five things they did that I hated.
5- Squidbillies. Just not funny. The concept seemed good but the unattractive art style and lame jokes make me hate it.
4- 12 Oz Mouse. Same as Squidbillies. I think it's SUPPOSED to look cheap but I still hate it.
3- Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job- A lot of people like this show but I don't find it very funny. It seems they are being weird just to be weird. And to make me uncomfortable.
2- Frisky Dingo- I liked the look of the show but I kept waiting for them to start doing something good with it.
1- Xavier, Renegade Angel- Not funny. And looks like it was created by a blind, one-handed orangutan with epileptic fits.
And Five Things I miss from Adult Swim:
5. Sealab 2020- The show that brought me into the Adult Swim fold.
4. Futurama – It's on Comedy Central now (with new episodes) but I miss it being on EVERY NIGHT.
3. Space Ghost Coast To Coast- Really the one that started it all.
2. Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law- Brings a tear to my eye when I think I will never see a new episode.
1. Saul of the Mole Men- Would have been #5 on the list if not for the awesome theme song.
Live Action- I'd also like to give Adult Swim kudos for brining live action to the traditionally animated programming. I think live action shows Delocated and Children's Hospital are great.


TV is making me grumpy lately. First of all they finally premiered Young Justice. I had it DVR'd only to find out that it's a repeat of the Young Justice preview they showed at Thanksgiving. Which means its a two-parter. Which means no new episode for three weeks. Additionally, Chuck isn't new this week like I thought it was. On the plus side, I am looking forward to The Cape. Although I don't see the logic in replacing Heroes with another superhero show. And I miss Heroes. People say it wasn't as good as the first season but it was still a good show. And I liked tuning into Hiro, Sylar and Claire (and Claire's bi-curious roommate) every week. There ARE, however, two shows that I know are in the works that I am really looking forward to.
Star Wars- There is a live action Star Wars show in the works sometime in the future. Which should rock if somebody other than George Lucas runs it.
Powers- An adaptation of one of the great ongoing comic series out there. About two cops (one a former hero) who investigate crimes involving super-heroes and villains. I'd love to see who is cast in this. Though, with George Carlin dead, Triphammer will never be as a well-cast as he could have been.