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Piggybacking on yesterday's blog about shows I miss, I figured today I'd list a couple properties that would make GREAT new series. You know, great shows we will NEVER see.
PREACHER- A great comic series about a hardcore preacher who can literally use the Word of God to make people do what he says. It would be a road show featuring Jesse Custer (the preacher), his ex-girlfriend and his vampire best friend on the run from the terrifying Saint of Killers.
FABLES- The story of Fabletown, where all the Fables you have ever heard of live (in the middle of New York City even). Fabletown is run by Old King Cole and Snow White and it's sheriff is Bigby Wolf (the big bad wolf). Throw in excellent characters like Rose Red, Prince Charming and Pinocchio and you have the potential for one of the greatest ensemble shows ever.
BRPD- If you've seen the Hellboy movies you know the BRPD, a secret government agency charged with facing down the dangerous and paranormal. The BRPD comic series has been very good and if you turned it into an ensemble show with a rotating cast you could really make a groundbreaking show, even if you don't use Hellboy himself. You still have pyrokinetic Liz Sherman, fishman Abe Sapien and pulp hero Lobster Johnson to work with. Trust me, it would rock so hard you would need a new TV every week.

Scott Pilgrim vs. Girls And Their Feelings

Yeah, I stole the subject for today's blog from a print a girl was selling at Otakon. But I'm not making money for this so it doesn't matter.
Anyhow, I wanted to talk about probably my favorite movie of this past year, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, based on the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series by Bryan Lee O'Malley. Frankly, it irked me that this movie didn't make more money. It should have.
Let's start with the director, Edgar Wright. His previous movies (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) are absolute favorites of mine and have shown that Wright KNOWS funny. His name alone should have put more asses in the seats.
Then take the material itself. The Scott Pilgrim books were INCREDIBLE. I read the first five in something like two days. I hadn't enjoyed comics that much since the first time I read the Blue Monday series. Granted, I really have no way of relating to the types of characters in the books (on the surface anyway). Yes, we get it, you like a lot of bands I'm not cool enough to have heard of. Moving on… But the characters were SO good. From Scott (the type of well-meaning guy who doesn't know how he hurts the people around him) to Gideon (who, it turns out, collects his girlfriends) there was just so much here to love.
And the movie did wonders with that material. Like any fanboy I wish they could have put all the material in but they couldn't. I think Wright understood that for this movie to work you had to believe the leads. You had to like Scott even when he acts like a douche. You had to understand why Ramona was worth falling in love with in a fraction of a second from across a room. And it worked. Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead did that, all of it, for me. Additional brilliant bits of casting included Kierian Culkin as Scott's roommate and Chris Evans and Brandon Routh as two of Ramona's evil exes.
I love this movie so much that it may become the first Blu-Ray I buy when finally get an HD Tv and Blu-Ray player.
So BUY THE DANG DVD already! Well, when it comes out…


In lieu a real blog today (really thats like 20 a month folks!) I'm just going to list my favorite 10 pez dispensers that I have. I collect them and I have TONS
10. Speedy Gonzalez
9. Boba Fett
8. Darth Vader
7. Bert (from Sesame Street)
6. The Joker
5. Fozzy Bear
4. Wonder Woman
3. Wolverine (second release)
2. R2D2
1. The Gecko (From GEICO)


Today it occurred to me that I could probably recite the soundtrack to Dirty Dancing by heart. This thought gave me a great feeling, at once full of shame and pride. And it made me laugh.
And it made me realize something interesting about myself. As I get older I find myself less and less interested in new music. 90% of the music I liked in my past I STILL like. That's why a quick browse through my Ipod would reveal hair metal, show tunes, Australian folk/country, 80's new wave, punk, Weird Al, soul etc. And of course the full catalog of John Hughes soundtrack staples (odd that my love of John Hughes movies never led to the accompanying crush on Molly Ringwald). And I'm not sure it's all an age thing. My much older clown roommate loves new music (granted he only loves it if it's from homoerotic French-Canadian circuses or sepia-toned Steampunk websites). Sure, I'll occasionally find a band that's relatively new for me to enjoy (Sahara Hotnights, Metric etc.) but for the most part using my Ipod is like an all audio episode of Quantum Leap as I jump from the Muppett/John Denver songs of my childhood through to Motley Crue and Warrant (at the time I really wanted the skeezy smoker kids to like me) to Nirvana and Weezer (my high school years) to Johnny Cash (my adult discovery that old style country music is great when you're lonely and miserable) and back again.
My point? There is none. I was just wondering if this happened to others…

Internet Issues

Had internet problems last night so no new blog today. I've got a decent idea for tomorrow's though. Stay tuned.