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The Age Old Question

Today I tackle the oldest of nerd conundrums. Kirk vs. Picard.
Old school Star Trek purists say Kirk, mainly because he came first but also because of his brash, intuition-geared style of command. He breaks the rules and gets results. And seduces green women along the way.
New schoolers say Picard because he's a more dignified character. He gets results by being the best he can be and by being a better human being than his opponents. And being British.
My personal take (outside of thinking that Ben Sisko is awesome) is that Picard is the better captain. Though he would eventually develop the willingness to break the rules and steal the Enterprise (as Kirk did before him), it's Picard you want in the thick of things. Kirk is the more likely to be attacked for personal reasons (like pissing off the whole Klingon Empire). Picard will be attacked because he is the only thing standing between Earth and total destruction. He's the man. And certainly the guy you want on your side if Q ever makes you defend your whole species in court.

The Dark Tower

I am a HUGE fan of Stephen King's Dark Tower. It's great characters, it's epic scope, the way it ties in with many of King's other works. So amidst the rumors of a Dark Tower TV project I thought I would present my take on who should play the characters…
Roland of Gilead- Hugh Jackman (used to be Clint Eastwood but he has gotten too old, I think Jackman has that same quality, the proof lies in 'The Prestige')
Susannah Dean/Odetta Holmes/Detta Walker- Viveca A. Fox
Walter- Alan Rickman
Eddie Dean- Dane Cook (I know many people don't like the guy but I think he could actually pull it off)
Father Donald Callahan- James Cromwell (hell, he already played the character in the Salem's Lot miniseries)
Marten/Randall Flagg- Jamey Sheridan (I think it would be wicked to get the same guy who played Flagg in the miniseries The Stand)
Ted Brautigan- Anthony Hopkins (again, he already played the character)
Sheemy Ruiz- Crispin Glover
The Crimson King- Ian McKellan
Stephen King- Himself
Calvin Tower- Phillip Seymour Hoffman
The list goes on but these are the main characters I think.
for Jake I'd say we need an unknown kid as all the good kid actors are grown up


Today I was thinking about how some shows aren't about what their title implies…
BONES- As much as I love Emily Deschanel, I was very disappointed that this show wasn't about Dr. McCoy. Or a crime fighting skeleton.
THE GHOST WHISPERER- Should have been about a ghost who goes around bothering people by whispering into their ears.
ONE TREE HILL- Should be about a whole town protecting their one tree from a crazed lumberjack.
THE SOPRANOS- The true story of seven soprano singers, picked to live in a house. And find out what happens, when sopranos stop being polite. And start getting real.
MEDIUM- Patricia Arquette stars as a woman who loves her steak cooked but not TOO cooked.
CHIPS- Two California Highway cops scour the countryside for their favorite brands of potato chips.


Short because I am tired. Top Three horror movie crossovers I'd love to see.
JASON VS. LEATHERFACE- There was a comic miniseries years ago by Topps comics that had a great idea. Jason wanders away from Crystal Lake and is taken in by the Sawyer family from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Eventually they come to blows but the idea of Jason and Leatherface as "brothers" makes me chuckle.
FREDDY VS.WISHMASTER- Both have the ability to warp their own realities. So seeing these two come up with increasingly weird things to fight each other with would be awesome.
KING KONG VS. JURASSIC PARK- The new King Kong movie proved that King Kong knows how to lay down the pain on dinosaurs. So set him loose in Jurassic Park and have him viciously murder scores of dinosaurs. Even the friendly plant-eating ones.
(If I could have come up with a way for Donkey Kong to battle King Kong I would have put that instead)


So I watched The Big Lebowski again the other day on Netflix and it was the first time I had seen it since it came out. And this movie is great. And since it's late and I need sleep I am going to quickly list several things I like about it in quick succession.
Tara Reid bikini. Shut up Donnie. Am I wrong? The Stranger. The Jesus. Dream sequence pervert. Julianne Moore butt. David Thewlis laughing. In and Out burgers. I'm just going to cash machine real quick. Sam Elliot mustache. Jeff Bridges in general.