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In Brightest Day…

I had a great thought today. This is MY blog so I can write about whatever I want in it. If you don't like it, at least you have comics to look at.
So today I'm going to briefly talk about why Green Lantern is my favorite super-hero. It doesn't hurt that it's all green and green is my favorite color. Then there's the power ring. All his power derives from a weapon that every single time he uses it he has to put forth a supreme effort of will. So the thing that he makes look so easy it took all the willpower Green Arrow had to barely make it work once. So Green Lantern is ALWAYS trying. Which I like. The ring lets him fly, wraps him in an impenetrable force field, translates alien languages for him, acts as a really tiny all-knowing Wikipedia and, best of all, allows him to form constructs of light in any shape or size he wants. And that provides unending visual possibilities for the artists that draw him.
Another thing I like about him is that he's the best of them. Hal Jordan, the best known Green Lantern, has outshone the numerous other bearers of the name Green Lantern to stand out as the best one. And the reason he's so cool? The journey. He began as a rookie in the Green Lantern Corps and was trained by the guy who would become his greatest enemy, Sinestro. He spent years as Green Lantern, being replaced twice, before finally going mad when his home town is destroyed by a super-villain. He was possessed by the fear entity Parallax, tried to re-order the universe, got shot by his best friend, sacrificed his life to reignite the sun and became God's spirit of vengeance all before becoming The Green Lantern again. What a ride.
I also love the tons of other colored Lantern Corps, the great villains he has and the fact that my favorite superhero is fast becoming lots of people's favorite due to the great storylines and upcoming movie.


That's right, Gallagher. The watermelon-smashing guy. I love Gallagher. Shut up.
For today's blog I decided to just share a bit of information with my readers. Sort of a fun fact. A few years after Gallagher (real name Leo Gallagher) really hit it big with his act and started playing big venues his brother Ron Gallagher (who looks a lot like him) got permission to tour and perform in small clubs using Gallagher's old routines and (of course) the Sledge-O-Matic watermelon routine. Apparently Leo had agreed to this in order to help his shiftless brother finally start earning some money and stipulated that all advertisements for his show explicitly state that it was not the real Gallagher performing. After a couple years Ron began to leave it open to interpretation whether or not it was the real Gallagher performing, sometimes being billed as Gallagher Too. Leo gets sick of this and sues his brother. All to be expected, but here's the kicker. The judge ruled not only damages to Leo but stated that Ron could no longer impersonate Leo and could not GROW A MUSTACHE! That's right, he was legally prohibited from growing a flavor savor.
My question is this. Could he grow one if it was part of a goatee/mustache combo? Or was he doomed to a lifetime of the Abe Lincoln look?


I love love love halloween. So in honor of the my second favorite holiday (after Christmas, don't get me started on how much of a Christmas nerd I am), I decided to list my top 5 favorite horror movies.
5. A Nightmare On Elm Street- The original and still the best. When Krueger was menacing and not just a dark stand-up comic.
4. Dawn of the Dead- The movie that made me love zombies. When I first saw this, with it's over the top violence, it just made me want to watch it non-stop.
3. Halloween- The remake, oddly enough. Many people hated it but I really liked how it had that Rob Zombie flavor to it and expounded upon the original film.
2. The Devil's Rejects- Another Rob Zombie project. It was brilliant. The characters are among the most twisted in cinema history and the style of the film elevates it above just horror fare.
1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre- I remember watching this in the dark with my girlfriend in high school and it scared me. It creates such an air of menace that you can imagine the dark spaces of the screen filled with flesh eating maniacs just out of your field of vision. Still the horror standard.

The Star Spangled Avenger

Just saw the first official photograph of Chris Evans as Captain America and it looks pretty cool. It really evokes the costume design from The Ultimates series. It's dirty, it almost matches the comic and it looks like some guys in WWII could have made it. So yeah, I buy it. Throw in the authentic whitebread haircut and Evans REALLY evokes Cap for me.
And then there's Hugo Weaving as The Red Skull. The Red Skull is one of the nastiest and scariest looking comic villains ever and Hugo Weaving (already soaking in the geek cred from his parts in the Matrix and Lord of the Rings movies) is just the guy to play him. I love Hugo Weaving. He's my second favorite Hugo (after Hugo Reyes on Lost).
Throw in the presence of the Cosmic Cube and The Invaders (rumored anyway) and this could outdo Dark Knight and the Iron Movies as the best made superhero movie ever. It's almost enough to make me forget The Green Lantern movie. Almost.

Weird Blog Idea

As many people who know are aware, I loved the new Star Trek movie. I think the casting was dead on and the style was great. And I love the idea of rebooting the original cast and watching future movies revisit classic concepts. So for today's blog, I figured I'd list a few of these concepts I'd love to see updated.
Obviously the first is "Space Seed"- The episode that introduced Khan Noonien Singh, the gentically engineered tyrant frozen and revived to antagonize Kirk. This led to the great "Star Trek II"
Klingons- we saw virtually nothing of them in the new movie and a full-length reimagining would really make for good cinema. Maybe bring back classic characters like Kor, Kang or Koloth…
Trelane- This was an uber-powerful pre-Q like character that viewed the Enterprise crew as his playthings. Could be brilliant with the right actor as Trelane.
Pon Farr- The Vulcan mating drive that drove Spock crazy. This way you could play off the young Spock/young Kirk antagonism.